Recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan is a historic mistake
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Governments and NGOs recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban over Afghanistan is a great historic mistake. Those who recognise and legitimise the illegitimate reign of terror of Taliban in Afghanistan are accomplices in the …

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal International Journal for Peace and Security Studies Number 8- Spring 2013

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal  International Journal for Peace and Security Studies  Number 8- Spring 2013

Just Peace Diplomacy Journal

International Journal for Peace and Security Studies

Number 8 – Spring 2013

International Peace Studies Centre – IPSC

The eighth volume of Just Peace Diplomacy Journalan International Journal for Peace and Security Studies has been published by the International Peace Studies Centre (IPSC) in the UK and Middle East. Just Peace Diplomacy Journal is a bilingual journal, published in English and Persian. This volume deals with new developments in Syria and in Egypt .

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The Articles of the eighth volume are as follows:


Globalisation and Religion

Masoumeh Bahram

Iran’s New Geopolitics in Central Asia and Caucasia

Kafkazli Seyed Javad

Democracy Promotion as Public Diplomacy: Understanding U.S. Policy in Iran

Javad Asgharirad


EU Public Diplomacy and Recent Developments in Middle East and North Africa

Behnam Donyajou & Hamid Sarmadi


The Failure of U.S. Public Diplomacy in Egypt

Leila Jafari 

بحران سوريه در سايه منازعه موازنه قدرت در خاورميانه

دكتر سيد سلمان صفوي

فرپندار هاي آينده ي سوريه

مهدي مطهرنيا

عربستان و بحران سوريه در روند رقابت هاي ژئوپليتيكي و ژئوكالچري

كامران كرمي

جايگاه اتحاديه اروپايي در روند صلح خاورميانه

دكتر سعيد خالوزاده

منحني تحولات اصلاحي در سوريه و تحليل نقش اپوزيسيون در اين كشور

سيد جواد صالحي

امنيتي كردن و تضعيف صلح بين المللي

دكتر مسعود موسوي شفائي/ دكتر محمدحسين جمشيدي/ احد رضايان قيه باشي

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