Recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan is a historic mistake
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Governments and NGOs recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban over Afghanistan is a great historic mistake. Those who recognise and legitimise the illegitimate reign of terror of Taliban in Afghanistan are accomplices in the …

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal an International Journal for Peace and Security Studies – Number 3, January-March 2011

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal an International Journal for Peace and Security Studies – Number 3, January-March 2011

Just Peace Diplomacy Journal 

International Journal for Peace and Security Studies

Number 3, January -March 2010

International Peace Studies Centre – IPSC

The third volume of Just Peace Diplomacy Journalan International Journal for Peace and Security Studies has been published by the International Peace Studies Centre (IPSC) in the UK and Middle East.

Just Peace Diplomacy Journal is a bilingual journal, published in English and Persian. The primary theme of the third volume of the journal is the current political crisis in the Middle East, published in 226 pages. To order a hardcopy of the journal email To view the electronic Journal click on the article names below. 

English Articles

Analysis of Mubarak’s Downfall

Seyed G Safavi [1-10]

Turkey’ New Activist Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for Iran

Shireen Tahmasseb (Hunter)


Regional Security Semiotics of Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign Policy

Ibrahim Mottaghi [25-60]

The Mechanisms of Organizing Peace and Balance in the Persian Gulf Region

Zohreh Poustinchi [61-84]

Comparative Analysis of Regional Rivalries and Developments in Afghanistan

Mehdai Mahmoudi [85-104]

Impact of US–India Relations on India’s Rift with Iran

Vahid Nasiri [105-112]


مقالات فارسی

نقش آمريكا در انحراف انقلاب سياسي-اجتماعي مصر 

به يك تغيير فرماليستي

دکتر سيد رحيم صفوي 113-120

سياست حفظ وضع موجود: 
چندجانبه‌گرايي و موازنه منطقه‌اي

دکتر ابراهيم متقي 121-140

حکمراني جهاني؛ 
اجلاسيه داووس و امنيت منطقه‌اي ايران

دکتر ملک محمدي 141-162

سياست‌گذاري هسته‌اي ايران 
در شرايط بازدارندگي منطقه‌اي

دکتر عباس مصلي‌نژاد 163-182

چالش‌هاي ژئوپلتيکي و مرزهاي درهم‌تنيده 
امنيت منطقه‌اي در جنوب‌غربي آسيا

دکتر طاهره ترابي 183-202

دولت هاي تحصيلدار و تهديدات امنيت ملي: 
انرژي عنصر منازعات در خليج فارس

محمد مودب 203-226

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