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Recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan is a historic mistake


Governments and NGOs recognising and legitimising the rule of Taliban over Afghanistan is a great historic mistake. Those who recognise and legitimise the illegitimate reign of terror of Taliban in Afghanistan are accomplices in the crimes of Taliban and will be remembered in history and in public opinion for their great injustice.


The Taliban is an anti-Islamic, terrorist, and fundamentalist group, whose reign in Afghanistan is opposed to the values and culture of the large majority of the great Afghan nation. As such the Taliban’s reign of terror will not last long.


The interim government put forward by the Taliban clearly shows that contrary to their promises, they have only included the Taliban in the government. This interim government is in no way representative of all the beliefs, religious sects, ethnicities, and groups in Afghanistan. It is the rule of a terrorist and fundamentalist minority over a heterogeneous majority.


In their worldview and practice, the Taliban is fundamentally opposed to freedom, women’s rights, and the rights of minorities. Thus, supporting the reign of this violent and extremist group is opposed to long-lasting peace and security in Afghanistan.


Instead, governments and NGOs around the world must support and promote an Afghanistan government that is inclusive and representative of the majority of the people of Afghanistan including all religious and ethnic groups, and their values and culture. The international community must stand united in condemning the Taliban and pushing for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Any Afghan government must recognise human rights and freedoms, they must recognise and promote women’s rights and the right of all religious groups, and must be inclusive and representative of the Afghan nation.


The reign of terror of the Taliban is a threat to peace and security in the region and internationally. Do not be deceived by the temporary propaganda statements of Taliban, the essence of this fundamentalist terrorist group is violence, fundamentalism, and monopoly.


Dr Seyed Salman Safavi


International Peace Studies Centre (IPSC)


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