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IPSC: Iran, Japan trade development organizations to set up joint committee


Tehran, Dec 8, Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and head of Japanese External Trade Organisation Hiroyuki Ishige on Sunday called for promotion of economic ties and establishment of joint committee by the two countries’ trade development organisations.


During the meeting, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh referred to Iran’s capabilities in the fields of industry and trade and said that the efforts to forge interaction and constructive cooperation should increase.

Underlining the two countries’ commercial capabilities, he added that Iran-Japan commercial exchanges in 2012 amounted to $819,700,000, of which $95.1 million pertained to exports and $724,600,000 to imports from Japan.

However, given the existing potentials, the figures are not satisfactory, Nematzadeh said.

Referring to the active presence of certain Japanese companies in the International Automobile Industry Seminar held in Tehran last week, Nematzadeh hoped that Iran would take advantage of the Japanese auto industry.

JETRO chief Ishige, for his part, expressed pleasure with the growing trend of economic ties between the two countries and hoped that Tehran-Tokyo trade would further increase in future.

The Japanese economic activists are eager to participate in the Iranian projects, he said.


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