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IPSC: Iranian MP criticizes western governments for political approach towards Iran’s nuclear program


Yazd, Dec 7, – The head of Iran’s parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi on Saturday criticized the US and the Western governments for political approach toward Iranian nuclear program.

Boroujerdi told a group of academics that the arrogant powers know quite well that Iran’s nuclear program is within framework of international laws and regulations, but, they pursue political objectives by bringing baseless charges.

He said the reaction westerners and Europeans show towards Iran nuclear program emanated from their hostility towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Boroujerdi said that the Supreme Leader has given guidelines banning proliferation of nuclear arms and supports the negotiating team involved in reaching an agreement on confidence-building.

He said that the Islamic Iran is currently a member of the club of countries possessing peaceful nuclear technology.


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