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IPSC: President of Iran confers with UAE foreign minister, says Iran favors stable, developing region


Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran is keen to see a region with stability, growth and economic development.


In a meeting with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan an-Nahyan, the President underlined the need to move forward to regional unity and solidarity and promoting economic cooperation.

Iran considers UAE’s progress as its own, Rouhani said, noting that the two countries have always had close cultural and economic ties.

The President said that boosting ties with the regional states, the UAE in particular, is on agenda of the ‘Government of Prudence and Hope’, and that given the recent developments, good opportunity has emerged for enhancing political and economic cooperation between the two neighbors.

He hoped that Tehran and Abu Dhabi would make the optimum use of the chance.

Referring to sensitivity of the Middle East, President Rouhani said, “We witness regional challenges such as terrorism and extremism which unfortunately present a violent image from Islam while Islam is the religion of mercy and brotherhood.”

The UAE foreign minister, for his part, conveyed warm greetings of Sheikh Khalifa to Rouhani and expressed gratitude for his efforts in line with expanding bilateral ties.

As to Geneva deal, he said that the agreement has opened a new chapter for cooperation in the region.

The Emirati foreign minister voiced his country’s readiness to upgrade ties in all fields.




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