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IPSC: Amano says Iran invited inspectors to visit Arak heavy water plant

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IPSC: Amano says Iran invited inspectors to visit Arak heavy water plant

Vienna, Nov 28 — Iran has invited the UN atomic agency to visit its Arak heavy water plant, IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano said on Thursday.

This invitation, the first time in than two years, is in the context of an agreement between Iran and IAEA on November 11 to resolve the outstanding issues about Iranian nuclear program.

Iranˈs invitation to Arak is for 8 December. 

The IAEA regularly visits a nearby research reactor site but has not been at the heavy water plant since August 2011 despite repeated requests.

The purpose of the Arak facility is to provide heavy water to help control the nuclear activity of fuel rods in the reactor.

Iran got clean health bill from IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei after it implemented a Modality Plan to resolve eight outstanding issues about the national nuclear program in 2009.

ElBaradei, the then director-general of the UN nuclear agency verified non-diversion of Iran from the civilian path.

According to the Modality Plan, the IAEA inspectors visited Parchin military site and took environmental samples so that they verified that Iran has no weapons program.

Amano, after taking office, called for a visit to Parchin military site, but, Iran said that the issue has been resolved as per the Modality Plan in 2009 and accused the agency under Amano of throwing stones in the way of resolving the nuclear dispute with the western governments.

 Source: IRNA

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