The European Union and the Historic Crossroads of JCPOA
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Seyed Salman Safavi & Seyed Sadreddin Safavi
International Peace Studies Centre – IPSC
On the 8th of May 2018, the President of the United States of America withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was …

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal Volume 12 has been published by IPSC. 

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Just Peace Diplomacy Journal Volume 12 has been published by IPSC. 

Just Peace Diplomacy Journal Volume 12 has been published in 112 pages and 7 articles in  English by the International Peace Studies Centre (IPSC).



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Statement on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Seyed Salman Safavi [1-6]

Explaining the Persistent Egyptian –Iranian Estrangement: A Multilevel Approach

Yosra El Gendi [7-38]

Geopolitics of Shiism and the Emancipative Role of Religion in Fighting with Daesh

Seyed Javad Miri [39-48]

Pakistan and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: seeking a space for playing a role

S. Motahare Hosseyni, Nozar Shfiee, Asghar Shokri Moqadam [49-64]

Transnational Responsibilities and Human Rights in the Foreign Policy of Iran

Seyed Sadegh Haghighat [65-74]

The Right to Participation in Islamic Sources (with Special Reference to the Environmental Affairs)

Mohammad Hassan Mozafari [75-100]

The Issue of Atabat Visitors Between The Ottomans and Qadjars in The 19th Century; A Special Refference To Karbala Incident of 1842 – 43

İsmil Safa Üstün [101-112]

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